Dichroic Glass is a glass that shows two or more colours when viewed from different angles or in different lights. This is caused by a refraction of light through the metal oxides that are layered in the glass.


Overall this results in colourful and vibrant work that changes colour when you move it, perfect for making eye catching jewellery.


However, this is very difficult to photograph and represent for online shops, so I have created small collages of the jewellery I make in each colourway. This demonstrates the differences in colour within each glass, so that if you bear this in mind when ordering you won't be disappointed with your final purchase.

            Russet Red                                     Burnt Orange                              Golden Green                                   Salmon          

            Lime Green                               Peacock Green                                  Aqua Blue                                     Turquoise

          Brilliant Blue                                    Deep Blue                                    Greeny Pink                                     Hot Pink

           Purple/Pink                                         Purple                                            Silver                                         Silver Crackle